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March 3, 2018

Don't Keep Your Day Job

We all have a Big Picture Mission, should we choose to accept. Each of us - writer or not, filmmaker or not, think of yourself as creative or not - we all have something unique to contribute to the world. If we are aligned with the path of our Big Picture Mission, we're going to be amazed by the momentum and synchronicity that surrounds us. If we're not - life feels very difficult, exhausting, strained and dull. Day jobs and side gigs are necessary stepping stones, learning lessons and networking - everything has a purpose. But if you're not working on your BPM... maybe it's time to say "so long, sucka."

February 27, 2018


Love is still in the air for the month of March! The King of Cups has a special message for us - he invites us to open our hearts, to be the change we want to see in the world, to approach others with more compassion, to connect and offer love. For some, this energy will show up as a person. For others, it means we need deeper integration with this character. We need to do as he would do. 

In what ways is love your ministry? How can you bring this kindness, soulfulness and beauty into the world? How can you manifest this energy in your work and relationships? What are you offering? Find your astrological sign for direction on how these energies can be applied.

February 6, 2018


Being a double Libra (Sun + Rising) I'm a walking cliche of being in love with love. I'm inspired by stories of how people come together and I'm focused on building something real that lasts. And though the drama of romance can be intoxicating - love is a lot of work! Partnerships can bring a tremendous amount of pain for our own healing, so I resist the "smutty entertainment" that is associated with casting a relationship & romance reading. Relationships are the container where we work through our deepest wounds and see ourselves through another. It's deeply spiritual shit - though many chose to stay on the surface and don't show up for the work.

Love is as natural and abundant as blades of grass - but we're living in times of false scarcity, avoidance and addiction/ego inflation. We have forgotten the spirit of the universe that underlies all encounters. So for my warriors of the light, those holding out for the real deal and those who are demonstrating how to show up, be whole and be together - thank you for being one of the few. Let's go wake some more people up and claim our healing. Here's what the cards have to say...

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