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September 25, 2017


Follow the Sparks of the New

Surprise! This October isn't going to be the typical sweater-weather retreat into darker days. The Page of Wands signals a month of new beginnings, creative expression and unleashed passions for us all. Pages are also messengers and often represent actual persons of influence, so pay attention to the signs: repeated messages, synchronistic events and new characters appearing - there's something important you need to hear. How will this exuberant energy manifest in your life? Find your sign!


The messenger of passion paired with the first of the Cups is signaling a new era of romance, enthusiasm and the appearance of your heart's true desire. Expect it to come in quick! New projects, new partners and invitations (possibly from a younger fire sign) can be expected now. To truly harness the excitement and momentum of this new energy in your life, embrace your playfulness and let go of all agendas. Only good can come of this.



There are conflicting energies around you right now. Part of you is focused too much on the past and all the things that didn't go your way. The Page of Wands is here to challenge you out of this disappointment, but are you willing to let go of your story? Something better is being offered to you, if you would just turn around and notice. Time to look up and move forward. Your power is in the present moment.



These energies are signaling an important new era for you. You will have added fuel to your fiery nature to manifest your dreams in the daytime, but you need to take a moment to decide where you want to invest your time and resources. This could also signal the beginning of an important partnership, a perfect counter-balance to temper your impulsive side. Together much can be accomplished, so long as you each play your part. Time to collaborate! 



Waiting can be really tough. You're feeling the momentum and pressure building, but the doors haven't opened just yet. Be patient. Wait doesn't mean no. A few things may need to happen behind the scenes before you get that green light, that grant, or to see the fruits of your labour. You shouldn't have to wait much longer - good news is on the way. 



You always have to be weird and different, don't you? One part of you is the excited child about to burst on the scene, the other part is a lone wolf, content to search the stars alone. Someone new and exciting will have you questioning how much space and freedom you actually need. Not all journeys need to be taken alone so ask yourself, how much fun can you handle?



Much like your pal Sagittarius, you're being influenced by a fellow page, an Air Sign (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) that will have you tapping into your more intellectual aspects, granting you the birth of new ideas, new clarity and perhaps, some harsh truth. Don't shoot the messenger. Whatever you see in the Other is what needs to be healed in you too. Make them your ally, not your enemy. 



As per usual, you're leading the way Aries! As the Child of the Zodiac, you're feeling the energies of the new and creating your plan for world domination. You're at a bit of a crossroads, but you won't stay there for long. What do you want to experience now? What do you want to be known for? Who do you want to share it with? Make a plan and you'll be riding off into the sunset.



Pentacles are all the earthly pleasures, the seeds of growth, the abundance of material things. You are inspired to find your way to new business ventures and break new ground. Slow and steady, you will find your success and come into your destined power and legacy. Allow this energy to guide your heart forward to what you truly want to manifest.


This is an exciting time for you! All that you've gone through was just to prepare you for this moment. You're ready for the spotlight and have access to all your wisdom and power, ready to take on the world. This is the tail-end of a longer cycle that you've been hoping for, the land of milk and honey, praise and achievement. Travel is also indicated here. It may be time for that big move out of your comfort zone!



Your emotional nature is being overshadowed by ambition, the climb to success and building your dreams up with much-needed reinforcements. This is a time where it truly is all about you, and rightly so. The stakes you claim will define the next phase of your life, but be careful not to take on too much. Overwhelm could be right around the corner. 



Moderation is not really your style, but Temperance trumps all energies coming into your life. This is a warning that balance is needed with your ambition. Take time for rest and recuperation, otherwise the energies of the Page may fizzle. You had your spotlight, everyone knows you're the greatest, now bitch chill. 



Celestial blessings are upon you now Virgo. Paired with the Page of Creativity, this is a killer time to capitalize on your brilliance and let life itself revive you. Whatever you're about to unleash on the world is going to be so loved and needed. Best of all, you'll have the much-needed experience of enjoying yourself while you do it. Seek everything that lights your spirit and you'll be an inspiration to others at this time.


October's reading was cast with the Golden Thread Tarot. Resonate? Leave a comment below!

September 19, 2017

Letting Go of the Plot

"Don’t grieve for what doesn’t come.
Some things that don’t happen keep disasters from happening."
-Rumi, Joy at Sudden Disappointment
There is the story we desire and the one that unfolds. It's difficult not to be the petulant child when the two don't align. The conversations I've been having lately indicate that many of us are in the midst of massive change. Some of us are packing up and moving cities, leaving relationships, evaluating our choices, waking up to things we can no longer ignore, wondering if what we're chasing is really what we want, not knowing how all of this is going to turn out.

Change and uncertainty can bring forth that heart-sinking disappointment that things didn't turn out they way they were supposed to, and that's a dangerous place to visit. We tend to cling to our outlines, obsess on what could have been and how someone else should have acted, but the truth is we don't get to dictate the script and often, we don't know what's best for ourselves.

All throughout my girlhood I remember sitting around the kitchen table - where most women do their storytelling, kitchens and public washrooms -  and the phrase I've heard the most was, "Thank God I didn't get what I asked for." That man, that job, that car... name it. Blessings and Divine Intervention it turned out to be in the end. It doesn't mean we don't grieve. It doesn't mean it's easy.

Heroes are always called into action - they don't get to decide what it is. Shit happens and it turns out to be an adventure. Or a murder, I suppose it depends on the genre. Point is, it's not often sought. We are called. And sometimes that call has us running toward it with glee and sometimes the call shows up like a blocked road. We're shut out and denied so we know we don't belong on this path. If we refuse to move, insisting this is our road, we're in for a world of pain. If you find yourself stuck and whispering about the supposed to's, find the inner strength to speak a little louder back, "you don't know the fucking story yet." Because we don't. That's humbling.

From The Tower to the The Fool

One of my favourite books throughout the years has been Embracing Uncertainty by Susan Jeffers who offers a practical approach to the fear and anxiety that presents itself at times of change. She suggests that a subtle shift in our perspectives can take the worry-laden "I wonder what will happen?" to an anticipatory "I wonder what will happen next!"

It's a much more empowering place to be, present and aware. It takes us from the Major Arcana of The Tower - fear, loss. bewilderment to The Fool - new adventures, open heart, and curiosity. It doesn't change our circumstances, but the way we approach them, which oddly enough DOES change our circumstances. The plot will unfold as it must, but the things that don't come, the things that may never be, that's not necessarily the disaster. It may just be the rescue.

It all turns out OK in the end. If it's not OK right now, then it's not the end.
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