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April 6, 2018


ISHTAR/EASTER marks the arrival of spring, all the elements of the fertile world that have been waiting to bloom. Our creativity, our sexual power, abundance and regeneration - finally here to bust our dusty-ass lives off and shake us up. And if Jesus is your homeboy, the powerful message of the resurrection is here for us too. Here are the big energies manifesting for each sign!


March 3, 2018

Don't Keep Your Day Job

We all have a Big Picture Mission, should we choose to accept. Each of us - writer or not, filmmaker or not, think of yourself as creative or not - we all have something unique to contribute to the world. If we are aligned with the path of our Big Picture Mission, we're going to be amazed by the momentum and synchronicity that surrounds us. If we're not - life feels very difficult, exhausting, strained and dull. Day jobs and side gigs are necessary stepping stones, learning lessons and networking - everything has a purpose. But if you're not working on your BPM... maybe it's time to say "so long, sucka."

February 27, 2018


Love is still in the air for the month of March! The King of Cups has a special message for us - he invites us to open our hearts, to be the change we want to see in the world, to approach others with more compassion, to connect and offer love. For some, this energy will show up as a person. For others, it means we need deeper integration with this character. We need to do as he would do. 

In what ways is love your ministry? How can you bring this kindness, soulfulness and beauty into the world? How can you manifest this energy in your work and relationships? What are you offering? Find your astrological sign for direction on how these energies can be applied.
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