September 9, 2010

All About Dyck

While I was singing I ain't got no job, which was actually my roommate and I singing Biz Markie's He's just a friend and pretending to drink on the porch (Galen wasn't pretending), I decided to take a month off to be a twenty something layabout. AKA professional filmmaker.

The Result: We made this little film and won the 24/HR Film Contest at the Edmonton International Film Festival.My roommate Galen plays Dyck, a self-obsessed actor who doesn't realize the crew has turned to zombies. He just wants to get the shoot done and finishes it himself. We poke fun at Christian Bale obviously and just had a lot of fun staying up all night making this. Galen steals the show. Thanks again for the severance package... suckas.

WATCH: All About Dyck 

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