August 6, 2010

24 HRS to make a Film

At FAVA, writing the 1st film "Bradford" for the 24/One.

I've decided to not enter the 24/ONE contest again. The screenplay needs a lot of love and attention. But there are GOOD reasons to for any film enthusiasts out there.  We won Best Film and Best Cinematography last year for All About Dyck. Very exciting... so here is some encouragement for those who take it on.

Reasons to do the 24/One:

1) You really get to know what you're made of. When you start hallucinating, crying for no reason, the mic you rented doesn't work and you spend 3 hrs filming in a bathtub, accidentally flashing your own cousin and THEN you have to edit for the until 8am in the morning? Yeah... it's hell.

2) You get to see the best and worst of your crew. In times of stress, we all get reduced to our worst qualities. But if you can find times of kindness, trust, and support - these are people you can work with in any situation. I love my crew.

3) You learn to let the creativity flow. My best work comes with restrictions. I have a specific deadline, we only have a few props, the character has to be in a box the entire time... this is where creative problem solving comes in. It's an excellent challenge.

4) You stop looking for approval. When you see what the jury has selected for the Top 10 Finalists, you will see some grade A turds that will make you think the jury just randomly selected stuff because it was late, the beer had run out, and they just couldn't give a fuck. I've made a film that didn't make Top 10 only to be slapped in the face with the worst displays of celluloid shit you could imagine. The following year, when I won the contest, there were more turds, worst then last year, that somehow outshone excellent work that was submitted. Why? Who knows. The point is that you have to make films for yourself. Take the challenge and let go of the outcome. Whether you're in or not doesn't mean shit about the quality of your films. Don't take any loss or win too seriously. Just make more films.

5) Find your passion. Around the 39 hours with no sleep mark, I was completely broken down and not functioning. "I will NEVER do this again!!" The next morning I called my cousin up and said, "So I have some ideas for next year..." Yeah. It's absolute hell and if every cell in your body wants to do it again, then you've found your reason for living.

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