September 16, 2010

Stills from "Surprise Party"

Cell Phones are dangerous!

Cannot wait to see this 16mm film on the big screen! Director James Scott had found this legitimately creepy farmhouse an hour from town, with it's own underground tunnel into hell. Shooting at the COLDEST day of the year, we got to play with some very tasty blood made by the lovely folks from October People Productions.

These photos are a perfect example of my mother's inner struggle. She is so proud of everything I do. When I was nominated for the AMPIA, she tracked me down at school and literally dragged me out of the theatre to go shopping for a dress because she heard it was going to be on tv. The problem: she HATES horror. In fact, she really won't watch any film unless Sandra Bullock is in it. Once, I convinced her to watch the film The Orphan, telling her Sandra was in it. Mom actually stayed with us till the end. Very impressed. But she was one of those loud talkers through the film... "Oh, why is he going in there? What the FUCK is wrong with him?" Such language from a sweet lady.

So I'm very interested on how she'll handle the premiere of Surprise Party. If she doesn't come, it will drive her insane. If she does, she'll have nightmares. Hmm.... dilemma.

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