October 22, 2010

Projects A-Go-Go!

I'm stumbling onto the world of hustling for money. Interested producers are asking for several ideas for a horror-comedy and so far, I'm loving this process. The title, the idea, the setting... this is the simple part. Directing my creative abilities to knock off specific criteria is a welcome challenge. However... now it's getting to what the story is really about...

My love for horror is like an addiction. I feel like I'm chasing a black dragon, constantly looking for something to scare, to entertain, to get me thinking... and often, the industry just offers a lot of T&A with no rhyme or reason because it sells. So now my goal is to find the balance of creating a really good story with an added  hook for the lesser developed humans that just want to see something explode or jiggle. And don't get me wrong, I want to see that too, I just want my narrative fix and a little intelligence. Is this too much to ask?

For instance, two films that I think are absolutely fantastic, that didn't necessarily do that well in the box office, have proven what the horror genre is capable of. These are perfect examples of what I'm hoping to offer with my original work.


Despite my absolute admiration for Diablo Cody and instant 8-year old excitement when I saw this trailer, I sadly JUST watched this film three days ago.

Thanks to my awesome roomie and partner in horror, I got to finally digest this much anticipated film that really had mixed reviews. I must admit, I have been avoiding this film. Many of my horror buds claimed Jennifer's Body was a complete disappointment, didn't deliver, "stupid"... I think was the general consensus.

AU CONTRAIRE! I loved this film!! The dialogue was snappy and full of wit, the situation ripe with social commentary on the hierarchy within female relationships (which, if you're a dude you may not understand how a girl can claim to be your closest friend and be a total jealous bitch behind your back) AND those band guys? Jesus, I used to party with douches just like that! Shudder!

I will be so rude as to say: if you didn't like this film, it was too smart for you. OR it could be that we're seeing a new trend in films written, directed by, and produced for women. Apparently, 52% of horror fans are women now (as quoted by our producer who is a total nerd about this stuff and would know). So, if you didn't like this film and have a penis, there you go.


Sweet Lord I wish I wrote this film. Instead, Michael Lichtenstein has that honor. I can't wait to meet this guy and kiss him for making this film. Seriously, I'll probably get a restraining order placed on me or be publicly shunned at the least...

Vagina Dentada! Wonderful premise and a fantastic female character that starts off as an apologetic puritan virgin and discovers pleasure and her internal security mechanism for male violence. There are some great scenes to make you squirm and a beautiful underlay of mutation (nuclear power plant is a dark menace in the town), sexual liberation/pleasure, and man's fear of the great unknown. Chills! LOVE IT!

With all of this in mind, our projects are going to push the envelope in this genre. THE BLEEDENING is something Galen came up, a modern blob movie with references to sexual deviance and STDs. GILLIAN'S JUST RIGHT explores the dangerous emotion that overtakes the sane mind of a man... lust. Though it may take a while for some of these projects to get off the ground - money is always the obstacle - we have some solid ideas, supported by people who can do something with them. So finger's crossed!

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