April 10, 2011

Starry Eyed

You know that scene in Abyss where Lindsey Brigman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is just awe-struck by the new entity she's encountered in the depths of the Ocean? Yeah... I'm feeling like that lately. I mean, maybe it's the euphoric starvation as my diet has been strictly Cortisol and Cranberry Juice w/ Soda... but I'm on the path to new discoveries and experiences and I'm feeling pretty damn good about it.

As I've trudged along with the development of two feature-length screenplays for M.Entertainment, we've signed an option agreement and they've gone ahead with searching for funding to develop and produce the projects! Which means - ideally - that within the next three years, both films will be made. The producers have just returned from a meeting on the coast with SuperChannel where they pitched the ideas and apparently, SC LOVED them! It's so amazing to have that feedback - all reinforcements that I'm doing the right things and all this hard work is beginning to pay off.

The most incredible thing is how normal this feels. It's only been since August that I decided to devote time to screenwriting and adjusting my life accordingly. It seems to be developing pretty fast, but I've been so focused on the work that it's almost hard to recognize how significant this milestone is. People have been so supportive, feeling like this was inevitable, and I guess I hoped it was, but still doubted it. I thought this experimental year would end with me hanging up my hat and "settling down" into a mind-numbing desk job that's practical and easy. Or become a stripper. It was 50/50.

Now I'm really beginning to understand my own potential and I'm expanding my vision of myself. But I also need to eat... the pub has been incredibly busy lately and I'm surviving on adrenaline and a Second Cup muffin during 9 hour shifts. The past... shit, three weeks, have been a complete blur of sleep deprivation and headaches, hours of Civilization to "come down" from life (I totally massacred the Chinese after they stole my city. Don't mess with me computer!) and curling up like a cat in the lap of my hot nurse, who is also stressed and overworked.

I seriously need a vacation and time to replenish this dehydrated brain. And take time to be really, really grateful for the opportunities that are springing up around me. And damn, I need to watch Abyss again. That was an incredible movie. Rent it.

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