May 13, 2011

Fear Has a New Face

Well... some people never lend a hand.
Happy Friday the 13th!!! Can't revisit these unlucky days without thinking of the film franchise that has been scaring sexy teens away from camp grounds and each others jibbly bits since 1980.

But move over Jason, there's a new kid on the block and his name... is Hookface!

Galen W.E. Pendleton's "Nightmare Island Trilogy" is a throwback to the campy, campground classic. Self-professed "sexy teens" (who clearly hold day jobs, pay taxes, and graduated from high school ten years ago) find themselves stranded on Nightmare Island, in the center of Murder Lake. One-by-one the teens are slaughtered by the pun-affected Vietnam Veteran with hooks for hands. For low budget, the gore is parfait (strawberry parfait) and the trilogy is jam-packed with talented theater and television actors.

Play nice and he might let you off the hook!
Yours Truly will be terribly slaughtered in the third installment, "Rise of the Blood Queen," so you'll have to hold tight. Until then, an official website has just been launched HERE! Hookface is updating his twitter page on the REG, so don't be a dumbass and completely miss out on the buzz of this new cult classic. Go to the website. Become a fan. Get HOOKED!

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