May 11, 2011

People Are Gonna Die!

The screenplay is starting to take shape. I've been working with an excellent resource, John Truby's The Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller and what do you know, he has a blog HERE.

Confident with the structure and character development, I've now begun the fun part of working with the scenes and dialogue. I usually free form on paper (I have less instinct to edit that way) and just let it all come out, then sift through the mess.

The best part of writing a horror film is that you get an opportunity to kill all the people that irritate you. THE BLEEDENING is going to to have the biggest blood fest of sexy teens blood projectile vomiting and oozing out of every orifice... I can't wait!!! And so I had to decide yesterday who I really want to showcase in death, because as I writer you are essentially stating a message about the world about how people should live (the moral tale) and who deserves to die. At first, I took the easy way out and had the jocks vs the nerds. But no, that's just not real to me. The people that have really irritated me in life are the semi-intelligent, hipster band guy/actors with the tight pants and the chest tattoos. Recognize these were also the guys that I teen crushed on when my girlish brain couldn't weed out the gold from the turd nuggets. So they're GONNA DIE!!

I'll describe to you a true event that I'm blending into the screenplay so when you see the film, you'll have the inside scoop. A few years ago, I was in Toronto with a connected young tour manager who brought me to  meet The Reason. There I met Billy* the merch guy, who was the strangest dude I've ever met. After getting Billy's back story of endless shenanigans of douche-baggary - pretending he was the lead singer to get laid, then getting slapped when the poor girl saw the real band on stage - he takes off his shirt to show me his new tattoo. Imagine if you will, a hammock filled with animated fruit. A smiling apple, a jovial banana. I think a pineapple was even present. And then Billy, tattooed on his own chest, has his arms around the fruit, having a grand ol' time. It's something you would expect to see on some cheesy low brand pina colada mix, not on this tight girl-jeans hardcore hipster. Then, and this is the best part, he says with all serious only an ironic hipster could muster: Fruit are the new skulls.

Take a moment to collect yourself.

Now imagine him exploding like a human land mine. Yeah, it's gonna be great!

Skull Art by Dimitry Tsykalov


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