May 23, 2011

Meeting Captain Malcolm Reynolds

On the tail end of my shift last night, my dogs start barking and I want to go home. The pub isn't as bumping as it usually is on a Saturday night. The Rapture? Perhaps. All I know is that I'm left behind and probably deserve to be. And as I'm taking the drink order for a new table I turn to the person closest to my right and I see this. Well... different shirt, darker lighting. But YES! Mr. Nathan Fillion aka Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly!

I'm one classy broad, so the first thing I say is, "Shut the FUCK UP!" real loud and in his face. Nice. To which he laughed and replied with, "Well fuck you then!" Then super smooth, "What was your name?" *Crush* He's so cool! And I want him for a cameo in my film. C'mon universe! Make it happen!

Now... I'm officially two weeks in to the development of the screenplay and so far, I'm really happy with the developments. The Bleedening is a new blob movie, only a bloody STD blob that turns a smutty college dorm into a young man's worst fear... a bloody vagina! Well... sort of. I'm currently working out a montage of teen deaths as they are overcome with the first phase of a biochemical weapon which causes them to melt, explode, spray their precious bodily fluids... you know, a real "feel good" first act.

I hope to experience how fun it will be when I get to immerse myself in this world AND get paid for it. Until then, I don't mind making drinks for the likes of Nathan Fillion. Now if we can get Callum Keith Renie in the house, I'll be happy as a clam.

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