May 18, 2011

Three Days Till Apocalypse

So according to a select group of organized crazies, some serious shit is about to go down this Saturday. Which is too bad, because I felt like I had a lot going for me and the screenplay isn't finished, and I'm working this Saturday. If the Rapture is going to take place, I'm really going to wish I had taken the day off.

I don't know much about the Rapture, unless we're talking about this:

So I will allow you to educate yourself with the weblink below. Make sure to check out the "Timing of Important Events in History" which finally gives us a definite time of when the God created the world, when Noah started the first incorporated ZOO, and how we're all going to die by fire October 21st of this year. Strange enough, the dinosaurs are not mentioned on that time line of important events. Weird.

Proof that the world is so much scarier than anything that goes on in my perverted brain: (I made that up).

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