August 4, 2011

BOHO Island

I've been spending the past week out on Bowen Island, a secluded paradise outside of Vancouver that has some interesting connections to the world of horror. The Fog and The Uninvited have been filmed here, there is a BEAR on the island, and a terrifying whisper around the campfire... the locals are SWINGERS. Allegedly. I can see it. Everyone here is just a little too friendly...

Snug Cove.
Rocking 'Couv Journalist, Jessica B.

Hot for Teacher - Miss Angela


Wake Up Kisses. Yeah, yeah, Juno licks his ass. But when it's 8am and those big brown eyes are staring into your soul, his velvet ears need to be pressed, and he's so cute you could just chop off his legs, stir them into boiling water and make hot coco...  well, you'd give him a little something too.

A killer sunburn that has mellowed to a decent white-girl tan on the shoulders. Think slightly toasted marshmallow. Not sure how many "Get out of Melanoma" cards I have left...

The Fire Fighter's Dock Dance. It's the event of the year that brings the wealthy eccentric swingers and their hot young adult children to a tiny dock on off the Salish Sea to get drunk. It was an absolute blast! Musical stylings by Wasabi Fox and Dr. Strangelove - not only my favorite Kubrick film, but a stellar multi-singer cover band who rocked it. Rain fell on us all night - very cinematic - making our hair a wet rat's nest - very sexy - and we were accosted by very eager young men from the mountains wanting to dance - very OK. I later found out the event has a motto... Drink Triple, See Double, Act Single.

The Firemans' Dock Dance. Hubba Hubba.

Star's Hollow References. I felt like I landed in a real-life version of Gilmore Girls. The town is small, quaint, full of friendly artists, dogs are everywhere, local markets are amazing, AND the lead singer of Wasabi Fox is totally Zach from Hep Alien.

Inspiring People and horror enthusiasts who have a list of books and films that I should be diving into. Thanks Heather!!

Celebrity Spotting: Jonathan Scarfe. I googled him like, ten years ago, before googling was cool.

Peace. Breathing. Friends. The Ocean. Happiness in the Soul. Sometimes a little vacation is all a girl needs.


  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet vacation with me. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. You inspire and encourage me to move forth with my dreams and help me futher explore my
    spirituality ( I bought a new book at the airport). If you were a dude, I'd have to marry you. Thanks heavens you aren't, that way we can be the great friends we are!!!!! Xoxo

  2. Girls can get married now. It's totally legit. We can both wear fluffy dresses.


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