September 17, 2011

Scream Queen B Productions

The sound of crickets you hear? I apologize for appearing to have gone AWOL, but some magnificent changes are taking place and I have an exciting announcement! First, I must talk about Bees.

I like animals far more than I like humans. This may not surprise anyone as I am forging a career in killing people on celluloid. See, animals have no agendas. If they are afraid, they run, bark, or hide. Humans however, are incredibly deceptive creatures and I often find myself greatly disappointed by them. I'm losing the patience to deal with people who are kind to your face and intentionally harm you behind your back because they are insecure, jealous, and mean. I would rather be bit so I can bleed and know it's real, instead of a perpetual mind fuck.

Ah. But then the sages would ask, why do you keep disbelieving what you know is true? Well, unfortunately I am human. I'd rather be a Dog. Or a Bee.

Bees have been showing up for me ever since my trip to Bowen Island. I was drawn to this magnificent bracelet and looked up the meaning: leadership, community, organization. And then my attention was going to Bee's everywhere. Antique wall paper, paintings, prints, and of course the real buzzers who are so amazing to watch. I felt like the hippie in the double rainbow video, overcome with joy... "but what does it all mean?"

So I start to write. And what comes up is my skill to gather people together for a single purpose. A film. And I'm feeling this inner pull for more independence in my work, to honour my ideas and my ability to follow through, and the necessity that I produce now and not wait for permission.

And so, Scream Queen B productions has taken form!

This company will focus on collecting skilled people together to create original work that pushes boundaries and entertains. Although I will be writing up a storm, I will also be reclaiming my position as a Director to envision and produce a unique perspective.

Out of the background now, I've got this inner boost inside that sounds a lot like Jack Nicholson in Batman, "Wait 'till they get a load of ME."


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