October 5, 2011


And so it begins. Barely moving past the treatment for Truckstop Bloodsuckers and already the request is in for the Horror Holy Trinity: Budget, Blood, and Boobs. Contacts have been made with a softcore pornography producer who could potentially amp up the budget if the film is marketable. (Don't you love how the term marketable actually means "sellable flesh"?) The catch: write a role for a lady who bangs for a living.

Contradictions abound as my feminist principles feel a sense of responsibility to protect a fellow sister who is unequivocally exploited by the voyeuristic industry of film. And yet, my business-focused side asks, "Do you want to be liberated, or do you want to be paid?" I don't think it's so black and white.

See, a pornstar would be taking a huge pay-cut to be in this film. So if she was willing to do it, it would mean that:
  1. She wants to be in this film, as financial matters cannot motivate
  2. The script is probably pretty good and the role is seen as a fun challenge
  3. She has a fan base that would support the film and elevate her into the mainstream, which only scary movies (and apparently Steven Soderbergh) have the power to do.

 So, a pornstar in my horror film? Colour me impressed!

Afterall, it's not like I'm following in the vein of Russ Myers' Mondo Topless and producing a film called House of the Flying Titties. No. And even a skeeze like Myer's can make, in my humble opinion, an epic film of feminist proportions such as Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. 

Yeah, the women were Go-Go Dancers and had unattainable physical features, but when I saw that film at the impressionable young age of nineteen I thought to myself, I too can get behind the wheel of a car and run a man down. And laugh without remorse while I do it. Take that patriarchy!

I will also note the impact of a well placed love scene/ flesh pay off and state my claim that it does just as much for the women as it does for the men. Case in point: Watchmen (2009) with Malin Ackerman and Patrick Wilson. Up in the spaceship, with those latex boots? Sweet Jesus I had to hold on to something!

Silk Spectre II: turning all kinds of women into pretendsbians.
Also, Skinwalkers (2006). All you Roswell fans need to see it if you haven't... Jason Behr ripped and bad, barely wearing a shirt... You'll forget all about the plot and cheesy dialogue (which I love BTW). 

The horror genre is notorious for the wet t-shirt bra-less wonders whose only fate was to scream and be killed. I'm trying to change that by writing something different. And I can do this request, with great enthusiasm actually, but don't think for a second that this will be gratuitous, typical, or for a male audience. In the visual world of sex, there is so much to play with. I'm up for the challenge!

And to the pornstar who will land this role in the end, from woman to woman, I hope to do you justice and give you a part that doesn't bore the hell out of you, for once.

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