November 15, 2011

Green Means GO!

Truckstop Bloodsuckers has been given the green light from  an unlikely ally, the subscription comedy channel BITE TV. Feature film, webisodes, and a potential television series. It's more than I possibly could have imagined!  The plan is to go the way of Sanctuary and Todd and the Book of Pure Evil to create a fan base on-line first and then release the product in a pincer attack across North America and beyond.

The very idea of curling up in front of the television to watch my own series is so bizarre that I laugh every time I think of it. It's the kind of inappropriate laughter that comes out of me when faced with situations I don't know how to deal with. You know, like at funerals and during car accidents. But it's really happening. We could be shooting as early as April. HOLY FUCK BATMAN. 

So the momentum is building here and there's a lot for me to learn. I have amazing friends who are willing to celebrate the victory with me and hold my hand during the occasional panic attacks of the I can't do this variety.

I also have a momma that sends me emails like this:
"You're in the middle of what is called life when your dreams start becoming realities. The emotional roller coaster is inevitable and just evidence that it's really happening... my girls gots LOTS of brains and the courage of a lion - with good hair." 
She also goes on and on about how I have to buy her a house, just like the ones the rapper moms get. All I can say is Momma Jane better work on her weave and spider lady finger nails or she's never getting out of the North Glenora Ghetto.


  1. Ha! So super Linds!!!!

    Big love, Wendy

  2. You go girl! I see an autographed pic of you being auctioned off at the next fundraiser.........



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