November 17, 2011

L.A. BABY!!!

Clarity is important.
As in Leduc, Alberta. Oh there's abnormally tanned people and white powder widely available here too, only it's just rednecks and real snow. Ten centimeters promised in a massive blizzard. Leduc is the big destination because my Friendly Giant is having surgery on his ALC today. I must share this picture with you all. I think it's absolutely hilarious that he had to mark his own knees to ensure proper medical attention. We've heard the stories before, limbs being amputated and it was the wrong freaking limb...

Makes me wonder about the state of our health care - which by the way, I was very disappointed to see there are no beds in the waiting room area. I need some sleep Goddammit!

The snow and the waiting is a good excuse for me to write. Though I can't help but thinking that Tom is going to come out of the operating room as a total monster. Or that the doctors will shorten his calf muscle to theoretically increase his jumping ability (you're welcome Arrested Development Fans) or worse, some weird Human Centipede experiment. I don't have room in my car for more "attachments" and it would be really awkward at Family Diner for my boyfriend to have a human skin tag.

You do not want this man to be your Dr.
Speaking of Human Centipede, wasn't that film a complete downer? I felt like I needed to go to the closest pet store and touch some rabbits after that film. I mean, Bravo! Well Done. But ugh... I guess there's something inside me that still needs a little hope at the end of the day and in that film, there was none. Good thing rabbits are always up for petting.

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