December 5, 2011

Eat Your Meat!

Talk about learning how to dance on a moving carpet! We have a new shift in creative as Chris has received some excellent news and has his own sketch comedy show in development with Superchannel!! A huge congratulations to him. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. Guaranteed to be a hilarious riot.
Which means we have a new writer on board. Tony Binns is a geek-chic comedian and talented writer who is also developing his own show called Nerdvana. The name alone had me at hello. Galen and I got to check out his comedy routine while he was in Edmonton and I laughed my ass off. Here's a little sample of the talented Mr. Binns: Tony Binns Comedy

I'm really excited with the film's new developments. It all started with one humble idea that didn't think it was good enough and was fostered by the supportive producers at Mosaic Entertainment. It then caught the interest of a brave executive with Bite TV who was apparently told that vampires are dead. As in, a genre beaten to death, tired and boring. 

Tell that to Boris Karloff. Doesn't he look shocked and appalled?

Ask a horror fan if they are tired of it. As long as we have unexplainable events in our lives, a Mother Nature who threatens to strike us down at any moment, wars of ideologies that propel mad warriors into horrific acts of violence, drug dependent people, and scary deformed women with high cheekbones and skin stretched-to-the-max bosoms full of unnaturals... we will have our monsters.

Horror is the meat of the industry. Romance would be the carbs (empty calories and blood sugar crashes), drama would be the desert (sweet, but too much and you have a headache) and lets say documentaries are the vegetables (because it's good for you, but who wants it?) The Thriller! The Suspense! The Horror! It's the vicious slab of meat on the plate of humanity and we love it because it talks about us, the real monsters. And who gets tired of hearing about themselves? 

*Note: I actually support vegetarianism or selectatarianism (chicken and fish, when I feel like it) and have only used this ad as a clever jumping point for this post. Though I do struggle with a closeted love of ginger beef and bacon, I will adamantly deny it to your face.


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