January 9, 2012

Bean Politics

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you're a real adult -  and you still don't know how to take care of yourself. That's when I go to Starbucks.

In my intensive writing times, Starbucks has become my new office away from home. And let me tell you, it is essential to leave the house so you ensure that you've 1) washed yourself 2) put on pants and 3) remember that you are part of a social organization called the human race. 

Years ago, I was the snobby anti-establishment pseudo Marxist-Feminist who worked as a Barista in a non-chain coffee shop.  No way would I set foot in the horrible capitalist scourge upon the Earth with a sexy siren for their logo. And then I tried their Soy Chai Latte. Politics went out the window. 

In this turbulent age, sometimes the only thing I can truly rely on is the consistency of my soy vanilla rooibos tea latte half sweet (cringe... yep, I'm that girl). But see, even though I order that stupid drink every single time, I pretend to not know what it is or how to say it, so I preserve my "cool" and to tell myself that I'm not such a 'Buck slut. It can backfire sometimes. 

The last few days have been marked with intensive writing deadlines (that were met with great confidence and few panic attacks) and so much energy was expended that I've decided to replenish with booking a massage and eavesdropping on conversations - just a few of my favorite things.


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  1. great post, made me laugh. sb is definitely a little too convenient, i'm there all the time... more fun than working at home, though.


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