January 15, 2012

Spinning Wheels

How does one accept they are human and stop acting like a hamster? No, this is not a tag-line for my next feature screenplay. No science-fiction Freaky Friday with the rodents ideas going on here...  just a simple question out to the Internet universe. I'm on the wheel and I can't get off.
I've expended enormous amounts of creative energy and have depleted my resources. Instead of allowing myself to rest, my mind is already hopping onto the next track: the memoir, the radio project, the comic book, the second screenplay... more, more, more, do, do, do... 

My only methods of coping are 1) Downloading new music from iTunes to fill the void and 2) Izzy snuggles. This new puppy in my life is full of the spark of life that I'm missing. So I'm going to bake her at 375 C or maybe chop off her paws and dissolve them in boiling water for a nutritious elixir.

This dog couldn't care less about what's going on in the world. She's never heard of the Mayan Calender and if there was a paper copy available to her, she'd probably piss on it. 

After she went in for her mandatory major surgery we call "fixin'," she ran around the house, showing off her new Brazilian and was none the wiser. 

She occasionally barks at her reflection, but quickly forgets the trouble when you say her name and rub her belly. 

She runs and runs and runs... then crashes hard and nothing could wake her. She allows herself to rest, knowing there will be time enough to play later. She's a Bitch from the Aquarium and lives her life as though nothing bad will happen to her because it never has. If the ascension from Hamster to Human is just too unrealistic right now - and it really is - I'm going to start emulating my dog. She seems to be a lot happier.

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