May 27, 2012


Fangs are the new Black.
Co-writer Tony Binns and I were full-on making fun of the Laws of Attraction when we wrote Truckstop Bloodsuckers. We needed a likable villain; a twisted salesman with a plan of power who used this notion of wishitude to justify his means. "If you want something, take it." Well as I walked onto my film set in West Edmonton, saw unfamiliar faces scrambling around the cafe, which had been magically transformed into The Little Hope Diner, my jaw dropped. I wanted this and it's happening. Wishitude is real!!! Soon I was performing my bit role with a Deer Bloodshake in hand and watching the cast shoot the final scenes.

Mark Meer dropped by the set for a cameo as "October," his character in Nightmare Island 3: Rise of the Blood Queen and his new comedy show Tiny Plastic Men (Superchannel). It was such an honor to have Mark on set as I've admired his improv genius for years.

Two years in the making, from when I was laid off from the radio station and my roomie Galen introduced me to the couch and showed me the joys of unemployment. It was then that we started seriously talking about making a movie together, set our intention, and decided to work our butts off to make it happen. Because, what the hell else were we good for?

Making a MutherTrucking Movie! W/ Galen W.E. Pendleton
And here we were on the set of our film just shaking our heads and whispering, "Wow... This is COOL!" It was quite the surreal experience and something that we both worked extremely hard for. 

BIG THANKS to Eric Rebalkin and Camille Beaudoin, who took a chance on some bright eyed kids with big ideas. Proud to be part of the Mosaic Entertainment empire and the amazing work they are pumping out of Edmonton to make this city a contender - no - a leader in original comedy/horror.

Our AMAZING cast: Aimee Beaudoin, Jillean Tucker, Ryan Parker, Jesse Lipscombe, Donovan Workun, Gary Cosgrove, Randy Brososky, Jeff Halaby, Angela Palmer, Julian Domingues... thank you. Glad to be another notch on your IMDB.

But the BIGGEST THANKS OF ALL have to go to Tony Binns, co-writer extraordinaire who proved he can get down and dirty with the blood & guts and helped show me that I'm pretty funny too. This script could not have been made without his talent and enthusiasm. Say what you want about Wishitude Tony, I wanted a great writing partner and I got it.

And to our Story Editor, Claire Ross Dunn, who acted as our Gandalf to lead the way through the darkness, who didn't care whether we liked her or not. We had it get it done and we did. Thanks Claire.

So I share some photos from set with you all. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, particularly the cast & crew who worked insane hours to make a film in 10 DAYS.

I'm going back to the drawing board to pump out some more screenplays. As we say, gotta "Keep On Sucking!" Mmmm... maybe not the best context to use that tag line.

Inside joke. Gotta watch the movie to get it!

Where it all goes down!

Angela, Travis & Angel. Vampire Family.
Galen & cast, watching Mark Meer on set.
"Roger" & "Jeanine"
Rydel. The man you want at every table.
Uptight City Man. Gonna get what is coming to him.
"It's how we serve it here."

"Oh Fiddlesticks!"
"It's Vampire Vegan."
Tom and Gavin. We really shouldn't put these two together.
"Officer Dan" & "Kolby" ... that wasn't in the script...

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