July 16, 2012

Humble Pie

Huzzah! My first feature film has been produced! So what glamorous events and praise have I been surrounded by? (Insert laughter here.) Nope. It's been business as usual and back to the work that pays the rent. Anti-climatic, non? Kind of like losing your virginity. I feel different... can't anyone tell?
Certainly the pendulum swings from the hard shit to something light and fancy with some pats on the back? A party perhaps? Nope. Actually, there was a party and I wasn't even invited to it. That folks, is the life of a writer. No one gives a fuck.

Of course, I tell this to any writer with chops and their head nearly falls off with laughter as they say, "Get used to it, Kid." It's humbling. It's "character building." Well, I've been character built-up so much this year I'm starting to feel like a goddamn transformer.

I think it's good for an artist to check their expectations. Praise has no part of the creative process. Appreciation and respect are not a given. Yes, it churns my stomach in rage when I serve beer to an actor in my film who has no idea I'm the reason he has a job, but what does acknowledgment give you besides a big head and an even bigger ass?

It hurts, but it keeps my nose to the grindstone and focused on where I am going next. I have to tell myself that I've done good. Throw my own damn party. And when I sit down to the table alone to eat my humble pie, I don't have to share. Now doesn't that sound good?


  1. Girl! you are talented! And I hope you enjoy your peice of the pie. Eat the whole damn thing. You deserve it! Your movie was so much fun! it was my first speaking role(speaking of cherry popping). I appreciate your work and I cannot wait to see it!


  2. Thanks Angela! I'm VERY excited for the release, hope you are too!


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