December 9, 2012

SOON my pretties, soon...

It's been a whirlwind week of meetings with amazing locals who are assisting our team with the secret project. We now have the beginnings of a pretty amazing army behind us; professional Consultants, Marketing Strategists, a Graphic Designer and DoP. Pretty swell!

And most of our helpers have little to no idea of what our film is all about, which either speaks to my powers of hypnosis or the amazing community of Edmonton, AB. I think it's the latter. The sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm I've experienced extends far beyond our cozy film scene. How do we attract such good people?

Respect. Collaboration. Community. These are the principles that are defining our new production company, inspired by my favourite little friends, the Honey Bees. Can't wait to share with you all the new incarnation of the company and our wonderful feature film that - fingers crossed - will make it to the top!

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