December 23, 2012

Welcome Dylan McDermott to the Deep Freeze

My hometown is getting quite the reputation for being the go-to place for horror films. Last week this article was printed in the Edmonton Journal. Notice how my film "Truckstop Bloodsuckers" is mentioned along the likes of "Ginger Snaps" ? Cool huh?
Actor Dylan McDermott is coming to town to film in January and will be playing a man held hostage in a deep freeze - not Edmonton, but the other insufferable cold box you don't want to be trapped in. HUZZAH! 

This announcement is sure to tickle the fancy of our gossip savvy Momma Jane who adores McDermott just as much as I do, and though she is far too frightened to watch American Horror Story, she's seen his other stuff. Momma Jane is also a fan of McDermott's step-mother Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues), who was most instrumental in breaking down Jane's Catholic Schoolgirlisms and gave her the freedom to affectionately call her daughter a Kooky C***!   Thank you Eve! We have a lot of fun!

I would like to take this nod to Edmonton as a great omen for the production of our horror film we will be shooting in January. Though why we find ourselves always filming in the dead of winter is beyond me. Greg suggested there's nothing more beautiful than stripped trees and blood on the snow. It's true. And with Momma Jane's hot crafties on set, it should be a blast regardless.

You'll all have to wait for our official announcement on our film in the new year, but until then, give Dylan McDermott a warm welcome to Edmonton. Invest in a Canadian Goose jacket Dylan, and you'll be fine.

BIG CONGRATS to Crystal Kadatz who is working on "Freezer." We're proud of you girl! xoxo

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