January 17, 2013


It's official... the HIVE has come. Part of our hush-hush project was the establishment of our production company, HIVE PRODUCTIONS.

My avid followers are aware my fixation with the honey bee. As a symbol of leadership, community and collaboration, we use the bee as our mascot and most importantly, we feel it says a lot about the Edmonton film scene. Because we don't have the big industry here, we rely on creative people to pool their resources and come together as equals for a common goal. And honey bee's make some of the best stuff around... so will we.

This is what we're doing: First Project
We are filming a trailer for my latest script and submitting to a national film competition for independent film-makers. The first place prize? A $1 MILLION budget and guaranteed release in 5 theatres across the country! 
To your left you will notice the basic outline of the CineCoup Challenge. Once we release our trailer, we need you on Facebook and Twitter to share the video and tell us how much you love it. We need you to vote for us when the time comes. We may need extras, props, or financial support in various stages of this competition, so we want you to join us on this journey.
Little known fact: I'm a sucker for the inspirational sports movies. My BF loves this and exploits it regularly because he loves sports - I just love the athletes - yet we bond over a shared appreciation of watching the underdogs perform a miracle. 

I want to stand on an apple box (because I'm only 5 feet tall) and give the inspirational speech to my team that dang it, the odds were stacked against us, but we believed in our dream and we had the love of our community to cheer us on. That's why we won. With your help, it can happen.

So check out our website and if you feel like you want to be part of something grand, donate to our film. Every little bit counts.

If you're on twitter, give us a tweet @HiveProd


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