March 6, 2013

Busting Through That Blood Ceiling

While conducting research for my Women In Horror workshop at the Pure Speculation Festival (2012), I came across a surprising and inspiring article by Lloyd Kaufman from TROMA films. In it, Kaufman refers to sexism in the horror industry as the "Blood Ceiling" that women cannot seem to breakthrough.
"It is a disgrace that a genre that purports to be so hip and cool seems to be a sexist boys club that discriminates against those who pee sitting down. There is too little interest in gyno voices unless it’s their screams, moans or dismemberments."
- Lloyd Kaufman

Read the full article here.

Reading this, I realized I was contributing to this lack of representation. I can never claim I've been satisfied being an actress or "just" a writer. It's not a position of power or authority and no matter how much praise you can receive in these roles, you lose your ability to provide a new narrative. I realised I needed to be the change I wanted to see.

Now that I'm in the Director's chair, I have never felt so at home. I'm spared from the frustrating and debilitating struggle of convincing someone else to "get it." I've already got it. And I'm doing it. It's the most empowering feeling.

It's also terrifying! Don't get me wrong. With great power comes great responsibility! But making a mistake, learning from it, and moving on is so much more satisfying then sitting back on the sidelines, wishing things would be different. 

I hope somewhere along the line, my story will inspire another woman to step up her game and get outside her comfort zone. It feels so good!

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