March 2, 2013

Gillian's Just Right Trailer Release Party!

With Blogger Angela Goebel & Sales Expert Extraordinaire Kelly Borbridge
Our CineCoup launch party and release of the trailer for "Gillian's Just Right" was an incredible success. The turn-out was amazing! For those of you who couldn't attend, not going to lie, you REALLY missed out!

For instance, we had free popcorn, which in my mind is a place I want to go when I die. We also were rocking the eventstagram which turned out to be a big hit with the crowd. All attendees became contributing photographers for the evening by using their smartphones. When they hashtag'd #GilliansJustRight and #GJRmovie, their photos were instantly directed to our projection screen. A very cool way to interact with the crowd and have some fun. You can see the photos on our instagram account HERE!
Lesley Claire and I demonstrate the proof is in the popcorn.

We were honoured to have Derek Clayton from Edmonton's own horror-film festival DEDFEST come out to speak about the importance of funding independent artists like us. It was greatly appreciated Derek. Thanks so much!

We had drink specials named after themes & characters of our film. I particularly liked The Virgin Sacrifice, but I heard peeps were getting drunk on Gillian all night. HEY-OH!
We had DJ SWEETZ rocking the house with funky beats. Even my step-dad was getting in on the vibe and showing off his dance moves. Actually, he does that quite often. Big thanks to Mindy! Check out her Facebook Site Here.

We had our marketing goddess Lesley Claire give the crowd the CineCoup rundown to our own animation video created by Thomas Baron. It was cute & creepy all at the same time. I really identified with it. Zing! Big thanks to Thomas!

We had an info wall and posed the question, what could an indie crew acquire with a $1M budget. Here's DOP David Baron's smart-ass answer:

We were tickled all kinds of colours when Tony Bao decided to make our event his "clip of the week." Making it extra special, had Sarah Taylor interview me and she just so happened to work on my film, Truckstop Bloodsuckers! Watch Tony's video here:

Speaking of videos... David Baron and his cohort Christopher White spun us a fantastic 5 minute "behind the scenes" video of our shoot. Just a little hint of the planing stages, the re-working as things fall through, and deleted scenes that didn't make the trailer.

Our actor Justin Brunelle took on the role of "host with the most" as we captured the event. Watch out Seacrest, Brunelle is a multi-talented force. Can't wait to see his interviews!

We had a crowd full of photographers, illustrators, bloggers, musicians, actors, PR experts, sales reps, fellow filmmakers, friends, family and our generous financial investors. Getting them all in one room and feeling their supportive energy was so incredible.

So many people came up to us after the presentations and declared their unconditional support. Many who I hadn't met before that night, some of us were only twitter friends until they showed up and I could see for myself, yep... that's a real person behind those hashtags. Thanks @hedgehodge and @stephensjryan. You're said people.

I had the pleasure of seeing Lorraine, Stephanie & Jerri, girls I went to elementary and Jr. High with who I haven't seen in a really, really, long time. These were some of the first starlets I had in the movies I made outside of my house. It was so incredible to see them. Thank you girls for making my night. xoxo
There are so many other people to thank - just please know that we've felt your energy and enthusiasm and are prepared to slug through whatever is thrown at us. A HUGE thank you to our brilliant marketing team, Lesley Vaage and Barret Hall, who planned a splendid and very hip event to launch us off with style. Well done team!
Thanks to the Blue Skies Mercury Room, to Jessi Toms & her staff, and to all the volunteers who helped us out through the night, we couldn't have done it without you.

As I said before, Edmonton is full of good people and nothing compares to our community support. Couldn't ask for better. XoXo


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