March 11, 2013

Hot Off The Press

In one short week, our film GILLIAN'S JUST RIGHT received a big boost from some of the coolest bloggers, journalists, podcasters and filmmakers!

"Love me a good shifter! Brava...enjoyed that! Keep Going!"- Karen 
WaltonA humble thanks to Karen Walton for taking the time to watch the trailer. It's one thing to network on-line with a person you look up to, but when they send a little love your way... wow!

"How can I help? I can act for free is there's no budget!" - Lloyd Kaufman
Big thanks to Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Films who has been re-tweeting the trailer to his supporters and giving much needed love to women in horror!

Thanks to my favourite hermano, Fearless Fred Kennedy from The Edge radio station in Toronto, ON.  We worked together at the 100.3 the Bear. He'd listen to me whine about boy problems and we'd throw quotes around from Arrested Development. He's just a good dude.

Thanks for the twitter shout-outs Freddie! If I didn't have a live dove in my pants right now...  

Local Love

Full Frontal Nerdity @ Pecha Kucha 15 

Steven Hodges #FullFrontalNerdity presented at the Pecha Kucha 15 in Edmonton and gave us a 20 second spot included in all things nerdy and awesome!

The Interview Project #46 

Trent Wilkie - beloved journalist, horror fan, and member of Mostly Water Theatre - included me on his list of interesting people. So honoured! READ the interview here:

Podcast: The Unknown Studio 

I had the pleasure to sit down with the wonderful and hilarious guys from The Unknown Studio. We talk about my previous project, Truckstop Bloodsuckers, the film scene in Edmonton, and how CineCoup could be a big improvement for us locals.

I also divulge some embarrassing secrets, including my obsessive love of LeVar Burton. Grab a coffee and enjoy listening to this podcast! Big thanks to Adam Rozenhart and Scott Bourgeois, it was too much fun!
LISTEN: The Unknown Studio: 

To The Fans!

You're the absolute best! We've been trending high because of everyone's active involvement and willingness to share the project with their social networks. This is how we'll continue to advance, so let's keep going!

Thanks to MARK M. for standing up in Cineplex Odeon, letting Edmonton film-goers know about Gillian's Just Right and why the should support it. He even got applause from the audience!

Thanks to DONAL for his innovative promotional idea of creating a Twibbon of the hungry WEREBEAR! Now fans on Facebook & Twitter can have their own "Gillian's Just Right" moment!

Change your profile pick and become a GJR Super Fan!
Big thanks to everyone who is sharing the trailer, going on the CineCoup site and rating us and leaving their comments. We're so excited to bring you this movie so thank you for being part of it!

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