March 19, 2013


Guest Post from Momma Jane.

OK - friends and family - motherhood has clearly helped me overcome my fear of being pushy and obnoxious. What a victory! Wait - I don't hear anyone clapping. Again - just be glad Lindsey doesn't play junior hockey and I'm not pushing bulk chocolate almonds and popcorn every 6 months. Now if your kids are playing a sport or hobby definitely put me at the top of your hit list now!

FYI on-line voting is starting March 21st to 24th and you need to be signed up before to vote. Here are some details below. All the viewings and ratings so far have put her in the top 15/90 and made her project a serious contender. EVERY viewing has made a difference and so will every vote so thank you! The thought of figuring this out gave me a headache but once I got on the site it was easy. If you're considering voting here are my tips and short cuts below to make it simpler.


On-line voting for Lindsey's trailer -Gillian is Just Right ( is going on March 21st-24th. Top prize is a 1 million dollar deal and the goal is to make it into the top 15 to get a development deal. This is the first elimination round so they need to be in the top 60 to stay in the game. Every vote will count!

If you're interested in voting let me help make this on-line nonsense make more sense. You can't actually vote until March 21st -24th and you need to be signed up on the site before that date to be able to vote.

When you go to the home page - see below - you'll see a pink tab that says "Sign up to Flex your influence". If you haven't signed up you can do that with an e-mail/password OR your Face book.

If you have already signed up log on and go to your Profile page and look at the "Fan Missions". When you sign up it gives you 1 vote and the way to earn more votes is to complete "Fan Missions" such as:
  • Sign up - I automatically earned 1 vote
  • Extra votes - these are the "Fan Missions" you'll see on your profile page
  • Rate 10 trailers - 4 votes
  • Add 5 to your watch-list - 2 votes
  • Look at 5 Team Pitch "Mission" videos and tag as a favourite - 2
  • Bonus Mission - Extend Face book permissions - 3

So I did all of these activities and earned 12 votes (including sign up vote) that show and are "banked" on my Profile. 

If you get stuck and still want to vote - let me know - I'll help you! I know every one is busy busy so no expectations and anything you do is greatly appreciated - good thoughts make a big difference too!

Love, Momma Jane


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