April 28, 2013

Free Screening of CineCoup Top 15!

Friends, in 3 DAYS the CineCoup Top 15 will be announced. I'd like to thank everyone who has voted for us, given feedback on the CineCoup site, re-tweeted our feeds, and told their friends about our film. Your positivity has helped us push ourselves to produce the best work possible and we're very proud of what we've accomplished with your help. Thank you!

If you haven't had a chance to vote for Gillian's Just Right, you can do so now! International Votes are welcome and appreciated!

VOTING open until Sunday 10pm :

Last Wednesday I woke up to an AMPIA nomination for Best Screenplay for Truckstop Bloodsuckers! We received 6 nominations in total for the film and won Best Foreign Film at the Bare Bones Film Festival (Oklahoma, USA). What a week!

That night, we had our collective industry meet-up with the other CineCoup teams. It was a great opportunity for us to praise each other's hard work and affirm that we'll go forward no matter what the Top 15 results may hold. 

Read this article in Edmonton Culture to find out what you missed!

Fellow competitor Tim Rutherford (The Last Video Store) also received an AMPIA nomination for Best Costumes. In congratulating each other we got to talking about how we can collaborate - so wait to hear more about that soon!

The pressure is on, but one thing is for sure. Edmonton is highly unusual in its talent, resourcefulness, and camaraderie between the 4 teams still in the running. We're all the underdogs of the Canadian film industry, but I think that makes us even more determined and creative. And now, thanks to CineCoup, we all know each other. You've seen what we can do with nothing, while working full time jobs. Imagine what we could do with funding, time, and resources!

And if you're STILL in the DARK about the amazing filmmakers in your city, it's not too late! We invite you to the CineCoup event that will reveal the Top 15. Come on down and meet us!

Join us this Wednesday, MAY 1 @ 7pm for a FREE SCREENING of the selected films.

Event info here:


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