April 6, 2013

Interview with CineCoup's Top Super Fan

Yesterday CineCoup announced Edmonton's own Donal O'Beirne as the #1 Super Fan! We're not surprised! This man is an active supporter of Edmonton's Theatre and Film Community and we're incredibly honoured that he's interested in our movie.

Lesley Vaage sat down to ask Donal why he's voting to advance Gillian's Just Right into the CineCoup Top 40!

Donal O'Beirne has watched every trailer in the CineCoup competition and he's looking for strong teams that can deliver a film under $1M, unique narratives, and the next best indie filmmakers in Canada. Here's his selection:

Donal's TOP 10 CineCoup Picks.
  1. Gillian's Just Right
  2. Wolf Cop
  3. Third Wave Film
  4. Dollface
  5. Alien Abduction
  6. Ruby Starfish
  7. Memoria
  8. Bad
  9. Tumbling After
  10. AutoScript
Go to http://www.cinecoup.com/ to watch these trailers and more. VOTING is taking place until April 8th, so lock in those votes for the teams you love!

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