May 21, 2013

CineCoup SuperFan #UBERdonal

The success of Gillian's Just Right has been incredible. We were the underdogs in a city with a struggling film scene, promoting a project that didn't exist (yet). And we still attracted  overwhelming support from our hometown and collected absolutely amazing fans. We don't take for granted that the majority of big budget studio films will never receive the active love and support that was showered on us.

Now it's time for us to give back. Our GJR fan, Edmonton Arts Supporter and the Original CineCoup Super Fan, Donal O'Beirne needs our help to accelerate his own claim to fan glory! One lucky fan will be chosen to go to the Banff World Media Festival in June and sit on the panel of judges to select the deserving team to win the $1M.

From day one, Donal was heavily involved in the CineCoup process. He became a recognizable face on the site and participated in every challenge, giving honest feedback and criticisms to build stronger projects. Yes, he gave GJR a lot of love, but he also drew my attention to some unique projects in the accelerator that may have passed me by, including Donde Esta Guillermo, Memoria, and Tumbling After.

Donal gives his support based on the creative idea, not how flashy or well-packaged the pitch is. If he's on your side, you can guarantee you're doing something right and if you haven't captured his attention, ask him why. He will tell you and help make your project better. He's a classy dude. Case in point, he forwarded one of the less popular trailers in the competition to me and wrote "Don't pay attention to the mistakes, look at the premise. Imagine if they had money!" And you know what, he was right.

Donal has attended all of our events - even when his daughter wasn't allowed and he had to stay in the lobby, just to be present for a few minutes to say, "I'm here and I like what you're doing."  He will be an incredible support to the Top 5 by just being the best fan a creative team could imagine.
So let's start the #UBERdonal movement, get Donal O'Beirne elected as the CineCoup Top Superfan, and filmmakers, if he's helped you out, let's hear about it. Tweet Tweet my pretties!

As for Gillian's Just Right, we have actually been getting more media inquires, fan support, and interest in our film since being out of the film accelerator. This ain't finished yet! And if CineCoup was the American Idol of the Indie Film World, we may just prove to be the Adam Lambert * (sorry for the outdated reference, but who watches that show anymore?)

*for out-of-touch readers, Adam Lambert didn't win American Idol, but his career took off further than what's his name. No seriously, what's his name?

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