May 4, 2013

GJR CineCoup Top 15

I'm so very excited to announce that we've made the CineCoup Top 15! Many of you have already heard the great news - perhaps were lucky enough to see the announcement in the Cineplex Odeon Theatre. As you can see, we were really excited!

The GJR team: Lesley Claire, Travis Barton, Greg Arenburg, Me, Colleen Nuc, Barret Hall. Missing: David Baron

J. Joly, CEO and creator of CineCoup, joined us in Edmonton for the Top 15 reveal. "Edmonton really punched above it's weight," he said. "We were blown away by the Alberta talent." Joly had the pleasure of sitting next to Momma Jane, who reportedly damaged his eardrum when "Gillian's Just Right," came on the big screen. She also thought he was trying to steal her purse.

Congrats to our fellow competitors from The Uprising who also made the Top 15, and Autoscript and The Last Video Store, two of my favourites who made the Top 40.

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