June 4, 2013


Sunset in Pender... beautiful!
What is happening!?! I couldn't come up with a better title for this entry because it's noon and I'm still in a towel. Haven't even made it to the shower yet, just some preemptive fashion choices.

SO. I've been off work the last few weeks to celebrate my evil-stepsister's wedding (it's a joke, I'm the evil one obviously) on the beautiful Pender Island and then took a trip down to Nelson, the birthplace of "Gillian's Just Right." The fact that I spotted more bears on this trip then I ever have in my life, is a good omen : 3 Black Bears, 1 Grizz.

I'm also still wearing a towel because I'm writing again... oh joy. Avid followers will recall that I find pants very inhibiting to the creative process. After our time in CineCoup was officially over, I collected all of the fan & CEO feedback and decided to go back to the drawing board. It's been a great opportunity to see what resonated with fans and what didn't.

So this latest revision is unfolding the best version of Gillian's Just Right yet and I've booked my trip to the Banff Media Festival. It's pretty exciting, particularly as the CineCoup Top 5 was revealed last night and it included everyone I voted for! How awesome is that.

I'm looking forward to meeting the fellow competitors from Wolf Cop, Bad, Alien Abduction, Grade 9, and hanging with the Edmonton pals from Uprising. It's a great crew and some tough choices ahead for the judges. We'll see what happens!


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