June 17, 2014

Momma Said Knock You Out

Praise to Brian Viveros. You're Rad.

We are all characters in a "coming-of-age" movie. In our low points, when we feel stuck and not sure what to do next, we need a confidence montage.

There's magic behind the iPod, a sweatband, and a set of stairs ready to destroy us. It's about recognizing that something big is around the corner and we must prepare our mind, body and spirit. In the past 8 weeks, I've been acting as Momma Jane's guinea pig while she works towards her accreditation as a Life Coach. We do over-the-phone sessions, which can include anything from making lists, charts, having homework and visualization techniques. It's much different from our usual mother-daughter conversations and because she charges more than a high-class prostitute, I'm blessed to have high-quality coaching on the cheap (free). Membership has its privileges. 

This process has encouraged me to tap into all of my resources and reach out to all my mentors. Some are writers, some filmmakers, some are just old as F and have been through everything. My little cup has been dipping into a tremendous amount of wisdom and as a result, things are changing. It's all very exciting, but I really don't know how it ends because I'm still sweating up a storm and practicing my balancing act.

What I do know is this: embracing the montage is where the power is. SO...

Key to the Confidence Montage

1) Get some ego-infused music. I like these Songza mixes for a little boost. It drowns out negative self talk and keeps you focused on training your inner ninja.

Eye of the Tiger Confidence Mix:

Produced by J Dilla:

Friendly Warning: if you've convinced yourself you can take two dudes in a fight or have decided to get a gold grill and "hard knox" tattooed on your knuckles, you've taken it too far. You want to acknowledge your greatness, not believe you're the greatest. There's a difference.

2) Commit to your Victory Pose / Work Out
Yes, this is literally about doing push-ups. Training the mind and body simultaneously will boost serotonin and give you some excellent discipline, which is OFTEN what artist-type people are lacking.

Join a bootcamp. Run. Stairs. Abs. Do it.

Studies are showing that movement has a huge impact on our psyche. I really like Amy Cuddy's take on this. Watch:

3) Find Mr. Miyagi
Mentors are not just for heroes fighting intergalactic wars. Us ordinary people need to speak with those who have walked the path before. The important aspect of finding your person(s) is this: Do they have what you want?

Realize no mentor is perfect. I've had some... interesting characters at my arsenal. Remember this? But each experience has taught me something or fortified my resolve. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

I've got a great coach in my corner, so watch world! I'm about ready to knock out your TEEFS!

Right after this song...

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