October 28, 2013

Practical Magic

We are living in a digital world, but I am an Analog Girl. I hold a deep nostalgia in my heart for a time I wasn't born into. I adore the weight of a 16mm Bolex, the scratch of vinyl... hell, I still make mix tapes. So it's no surprise that I prefer my monsters in the flesh.

If you're a fellow baby of the 80's, you've been spoiled by living in The Golden Era of Monsters. These hand-made creations ranged from the delightfully cheesy to a level 2 on the childhood trauma scale.

Mad Scientists like Rick Baker, Tom Woodruff Jr., Alec Gillis, and R. Christopher Biggs brought to life some of the best creations.

An American Werewolf in London



Nightmare on Elm Street 4


UPDATE: Thanks to Todd McCauley for shaming me about Rob Bottin. How can I forget THE THING? I'm blaming it on the head cold... Bottin traumatized me, as I love precious roo-bears and this one turned real nasty. Get the shotgun! Old yella's gotta be put DOWN Yo! Sorry... I blame that  on the head cold too...


Back to the story...
Trust me, I appreciate the staggering genius behind CGI. Did you see all the technicians that worked on Gravity? Unreal. But like a genetically modified tomato, it just doesn't taste the same.

The film industry's reliance on green screen is being confronted by a huge movement towards (re)embracing the magic of practical FX. Industry professionals and make-up masters are taking to the Internet to produce their projects with fan support. "No CGI" has become a major selling point and fans are hungry for it. HARBINGER DOWN is a perfect example of this.

Now that the kids who grew up on TEEN WOLF are making their own movies (like WOLF COP), we are returning to an understanding that horror should be built, one latex layer at a time.

One local hero really stands out for me - AMPIA nominated Tim Rutherford. His creations are somewhere between Videodrome and Mad Max as he utilizes found objects and discarded technology from the 80's. 
Tim Rutherford, House of Heathens
Stills from "The Last Video Store."
Check out "M is for Magnetic Tape," in the running for the ABC's of Death. Throw some votes their way, because it seriously doesn't get any better than this:


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