January 10, 2014

An Evening at Metro Cinema!

Last night I was getting all Judgey at the Metro Shorts presented by Mostly Water Theatre! Here's the scoop: local filmmakers submit a 5 minute production then immediately come up on stage to be critiqued and voted on by the audience. Yikes! The winner gets $100.00, lots of high 5's and the key to the City. Well, we're still working on that last bit.

It was my second time being part of this event and truly an honor to do so. Sharing the stage with the hilarious Simon Glassman and Davina Stewart was a blast! I want to share with you all the incredible up-in-coming talent that was displayed last night. You should know these names.

Brad Thomson & Ashley Marie

It's a brilliant webseries called Fingerbang. This duo releases new episodes each month and despite the Grindhouse sensational feel captured in their trailer, actually develops unique characters and a narrative that captures a range of emotion. Imagine where they'll be five years from now!

Ryan Byrne & Brother Octopus

One is called the "Jonah Hill of the Edmonton Film Scene" and the other wears a Captain's hat and has tentacles for hands. Currently part of #MakeSomethingYeg, this team is looking for funding to produce an album.

John Osborne

John produces work that blows my mind. He documents, animates, scratches film, programs computerized systems that make shapes... I can't explain it, it's like psychedelics for robots, a spiritual experience. He's the Stephen King of the Edmonton Film Scene, a film drops out of him when he sneezes and it's completely different from the last.
This one needs 3D glasses: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCsAy80rQCc

Angela Seehagen

Angela seems like a normal person. And then you watch her films. I wish I could show you Robot Emotion that she debuted last night, because it was amazing. Instead, watch this and you'll see why she's one of my favourites.

Andrea Beca

Andrea is my girl crush. She's been a staple of the theatre scene for the last decade and has dropped her first film with swagger, like it's no big deal. Typical first films don't look like this.  My first film was a confusing emotional mess on 16mm and I dedicated it to my dead dog (I was going through a bad breakup). Flat Life is a completely different story, with great acting, punchy dialogue and an emotional roller coaster perfectly executed in five minutes. Short films are incredibly difficult to do well and this is a masterpiece and her first film. That is unicorn rare.

Samantha & Shane Quantz

A brother and sister duo with a comedic edge. These new filmmakers have been consistently upping their game. I'm told I missed a gem of "Not So Fresh" last month and their latest was perfect awkward comedy. This team is hungry and will undoubtedly be taking on the world soon.

Frederick Kroetsch

Frederick took home the $100 prize. You'll soon see why. Salmon Hammock was hilarious, disturbing, and brilliant all at the same time. I'm contemplating designing my own Salmon Hammock this summer, if my Toyota Yaris could handle such a thing.


Happy Town needs to be made into a webseries now. Like, right now. The reality-show style is a brilliant way of showcasing the quirky cousin Jay. Fred insists this is all real. I kind of believe him. It's disturbing. And brilliant. Like, what is happening?



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