March 28, 2014

Rocking Rondo & The Hunt

Every so often you stumble upon a new and exciting character that thrills you to the core. This is my Christmas Morning!

Enter Rondo Hatton. How have I never heard of this man? It's my favourite genre, my favourite era... Of course I recognized his face from The Rocketeer (1991) where prosthetics mimicked his facial deformation, but as for the man... crickets!

Starring in a bunch of films in the 20s-40s, Rondo was cast as typecast as a brute and a monster. I like to think I can see the stale boredom in his expression as he wraps his hands around another innocent victim, but perhaps fame lessened the trauma of a rare and bizarre condition that apparently hit him after WWI. He's a fascinating character and the inspiration of an international horror award, the Rondo.

The Rondo Hatton Horror Awards are open for your votes! Check it out. I was very excited to see Calgary-produced short film The Hunt is one of the international nominees!

The Hunt is also up for a few AMPIA nominations in April and was one of my selections at the Dark Matters Film Festival at the Telus World of Science. Congrats to Greg Jeffs & Spencer Estabrooks from Insurrection Films for all the recent accolades! Watch the film and give them some votes!


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