April 25, 2014

Here Comes the FUZZ!

Friday, June 6th - Canada will be known for more than it's Beaver. WOLF COP will hit the theatres after a crazy ride with the CineCoup Film Accelerator. Buy your ticket here! You also get bonus materials... a Wolf Cop figurine, blood red vinyl, a graphic novel... if I haven't convinced you yet, keep reading.
The CineCoup Film Accelerator launched in 2013 with 96 projects across Canada submitted. The first few weeks were brutal. The listing structure of the site created competitive incentives that were abused by a handful of trolls that spit vicious comments and purposely rated excellent projects low to boost the ratings of others. Straight up sabotage. Our team wasn't interested in that game.

We took a lot of risks and perhaps the greatest one was to be honest in our admiration of our competition. Wolf Cop was the first trailer I thought, "Shit... they're gonna win. And I can't wait!" They had me at "Wolf Cop." They really did. 

So I fan-gushed their page and gave them a top rating. I then looked at the rest of our competition, not from a scarcity mentality, but as someone who loves the art of making movies. As a team, we decided to praise, to be honest, to be supportive. I mention this, because it takes a conscious decision to live from your heart in the midst of toxicity. I believe our actions aligned us with like-minded people who wanted to establish a community - not tear other people down. We discovered incredible, inspiring filmmakers. We looked forward to the challenges and to see what our new friends were making. We received so much praise and support, and from people who really didn't have to throw us a bone. A spirit of camaraderie took over the competition (check out challenge #9 where teams had to spoof each other) making it a time I will personally, always be proud to be part of.  

I was ecstatic when Wolf Cop won the $1M budget and distribution across Canada. Massive tax cuts have decimated the Saskatchewan film industry and as we know, some of the best people in the world are born in Saskatchewan. Momma Jane included. Be it the legacy of Tommy Douglas, energetic ley lines, or something in the water, it's undeniable the province is brimming with good people. 

Team Wolf Cop has been so supportive of us. When I appeal to you to support their film, I really need you to suit up, show up, and take out your wallet. This film deserves our attention. The creative team deserves our support. All the tweets and views in the world won't make a difference if you don't book Friday, June 6th off and join me at the Edmonton Premiere (or join in at the other premieres across Canada!). Buy Your Ticket. Let's DO THIS!

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