May 21, 2014

Towers Be A Tumbling.

The world of film and television is rapidly changing. The old institutions are crumbling. The gatekeepers who have stood in the way between creators and consumers are becoming irrelevant and powerless. Broadcasters - your days are numbered. Prepare to join the dinosaurs.

The Internet has been a powerful evolutionary tool. Our methods of consuming film and television are changing. We're not willing to pay for what we don't want anymore. The "big-wigs" are finally understanding how savvy audiences are. Lazy regurgitation and formulaic programing aren't working. We're craving new stories and the old system just can't keep up.

The media conglomerates are desperately trying to transform. Soon there will be many Netflix rip-offs created by companies like Rogers and Yahoo, as they try to cash-in on the nearly-free streaming video demand. We may see a spike in original programing as more A-listers are being drawn into the episodic world of television, which really has me wondering... what the hell are the Golden Globes going to do about their seating plan?

Shit's going down and this is the best time to take advantage, because when people are afraid, they're more willing to take risks. Never before has your dream been so close. There is nothing standing in your way. You want to be a filmmaker, a writer, an actor, an [insert label here] then the first thing you need to do is make a decision. Then make a web-series. Show the world what you've got and just go for it.

Check out these local Web-Heroes: The Dookie Squad; Felt Up; The Last Video Store (a series of shorts, it still counts!) and my favourite cuz I made it, Truckstop Bloodsuckers (I'm shameless!)

It's not easy, but it is simple. Create the job instead of waiting for it. Here's some inspiration for your week. A struggling actor pulled some friends together, created a web-series and brought the world It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Thank you Charlie Day. xoxo.


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