June 27, 2014

Horror of the Future

Transmedia is the buzz word these days and I'm really excited about it's potential. As a content creator and an avid story consumer, immersive experiences are like ghost stories told at Brownie Camp that you remember years later when you're alone in the woods. I still avoid outhouses because of the "Worm Man."

The horror genre is the perfect playground for these cross-platform stories. Imagine if you will, you just watched The Ring. You come home to a dark house and the TV turns itself on. Then... you get the call... Seven Days... 

Now I did get that call, because my friends are delightful assholes, but now creators are casting legitimate scares and interactive experiences that pull you in.

RidesTV is a perfect example of taking technology and twisting it to our fancy. I just experienced a short called 6:14 starring Ethan Embry and Michael Ironside. I also appreciated the host - who is a Frankenstein creation from parts of Alfred Hitchock, The Crypt Keeper and Stephen Hawking.

Register your email and phone number, then enjoy! WARNING! This particular film is not for the squeamish! I literally exclaimed, "Oh Jesus" at one point, so if the rom-com is more of your thing, RidesTV has that too. So excited about the possibilities here! Experience 6:14


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