July 17, 2014

Hanging with the House of Heathens

The House of Heathens is a collective of super talented guys who make insane films together. They also live in one house together; a very swank horror enthusiast pad nestled in Edmonton's vintage suburbia circa 1980's. Which is completely fitting when you see their stylistic obsession with the era. They even have an etch-a-sketch in the living room.

As some of you may know, I've joined the House of Heathens to work on the feature film The Last Video Store. These darlings of DEDfest have knocked our socks off with multiple shorts, including M is for Magnetic Tape , an official selection of the ABC's of Death2. I've been Assistant Directing, getting to know the amazing crew and our cult heroes - Kevin Martin and Josh Lenner - and learning a lot from directors Tim Rutherford and Cody Kennedy.

Sneak peek from the set of The Last Video Store
Indies require dedication and a lot of support, but nothing has impressed me like what I've seen from this crew. Another neato tidbit, half of the support crew are also directors. Aside from the amazing collaborative duo of Tim and Cody, we have myself, Angela Seehagan, Brandon Boucher, Darryl Merpaw and the soon to be debuted (especially if we all pressure him to embrace his talent) Jesse Nash. Incredible, non?

And then we have legit storybook characters and bromance going on behind the scenes. Young Master William (Murphy), Sonny and Sean, Richard, Brian (he likes to paint on boobs), our DEDfest Producers Matt and Derek, gourmet food made with love by Cody's master chef girlfriend Marie, our kickass make up artist Nadja, and many helpers along the way, multitasking with set design, props and puppeteering. It's sure to make Darryl Merpaw's BTS documentary just as interesting as the film.

Even had a nice little shout out from Fangoria Magazine already:

This highly anticipated feature is going to feel like an atomic blast for practical FX lovers, monster enthusiasts, kids from the 80's, kids who wish they were cool enough to have been born in the 80's, and lovers of the obscure and bizarre as only Canadian filmmakers can deliver. It's been quite the adventure already and there's a long way to go.

Check it:

Go give the film some love and join their Facebook Page. Then... stay tuned!

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