October 3, 2014

Fresh Works from Edmonton Filmmakers

I had the pleasure of being a return Judge for Metro Shorts last night. Presented by Mostly Water Theatre, the event is now in its seventh season and last night was possibly the best one yet!

 Metro Shorts is a showcase and testing ground for new films, where artists get feedback on what's working and what can be improved. Two amazing judges joined - Andrea Beca and Sally Poulsen - and I personally had a ridiculous amount of fun. I'm also beginning to feel like I live at the Garneau Theatre. Best popcorn in the city - don't go changing!

The work coming out of Edmonton is absolutely stunning. If you're unfamiliar with this evening, you must come out and get involved.  Here are some of the night's highlights from new participants:

DOLE - by Cole Kushner

This animation was tied for first place last night. Seriously couldn't stop laughing at this awkward comedy. Be sure to check out the other episodes!

EDIT - by Jamie Mcrae

This reminds me of what it feels like completing a 24/One contest. Created by students from NAIT's DMIT program. If this is any testament, we can expect amazing things from these grads.

Face Explosion Man - by Mark Jowett

Unprecedented in Metro Shorts history, two animations tied for first place. This is only the teaser, but you will absolutely want to keep posted on the developments of this Edmonton series. Brilliant comedic timing and intelligent details worked into the background. Impressive work.

Wall of Shame - by Brandon Boucher

One of my absolute favourites. I met Brandon on the set of The Last Video Store (he's the Director of Photography) and it's fascinating to watch his stylistic choices. This short is a perfect execution of visual storytelling, which is what film is all about. Watch out for this guy.

Torture Jar Ep. 2 - by Angela Seehagen

Angela Seehagen's films are beyond description and absolutely delightful. I love her.


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