October 5, 2014

Playing Dead in Photographs

I am so impressed with the participation on my first Instagram photo challenge for October! The submissions are super creative and I'm delighted by each post - you guys rock!! I'm a big fan of prompts to unleash creative expression and I utilize them often as a writer. To challenge myself as a filmmaker, I'm pushing myself to learn more about photography and visual storytelling and it's much more fun with friends. Thanks so much for playing along and inspiring me!

Tomorrow's Challenge: Spooky Adventures

It's my birthday tomorrow! Your photo challenge is to go on a spooky adventure. What does this mean? Explore a creepy location that you'd find in a horror film. It's wide open to interpretation. Show me something that stirs your soul. I'll consider it the best present ever.

If you're just hearing about this now, it's not too late to get involved and play along.

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