October 10, 2014

Treasure Hunting!

REAL: A page from The Book of the Dead  at the Telus World of Science Edmonton.
Photo by Andrea Beca.
This Saturday, October 11, the Telus World of Science Edmonton is unleashing the Indiana Jones & The Adventure of Archaeology exhibit! I was fortunate to be invited for a preview of one of my favourite Spielberg Franchises and as a filmmaker who grew up on these movies (and had a huge crush on Harrison Ford) you can imagine my excitement!
Telus World of Science creates a perfect atmosphere as soon as you step into the hall, where hieroglyphics are cast along the wall from the desert sun. The film memorabilia is squeal-worthy. You can see genuine props from the films including the holy grail, the staff of Ra, Kate Capsha's dress and more. 
I'm listening to Harrison Ford here. So dreamy...
Photo by Andrea Beca.

You get to partake in an immersive transmedia experience created by X3 Productions, along with Lucasfilm and National Geographic. You create your own treasure hunter identity and search for artifacts along the way, while being treated to film clips, educational info and original animation.
Prop: Staff of Ra. Photo by Andrea Beca
Prop: Arc of the Covenant. Photo by Andrea Beca.
Prop: Crystal Skull. Photo by Andrea Beca
But the absolute COOLEST part of this exhibit is the real artifacts and treasure hunters that inspired these movies. See the real discovered treasures: the layout of "The Great Death Pit" - a royal tomb discovered in 1934, a gold leaf and lapis lazuli head dress from around 2500 BC, a page from The Book of the Dead and more. Learn about real-life archaeologists Hiram Bingham and Tatiana Proskouriakoff and the unsolved mysteries of our ancestry and existence. 
What this exhibit captures is that truth-seeking spirit that Indiana Jones possessed. He was a rebel of archaeology, a man who had faith in the scriptures and the legends. He showed us that magic is real and it really truly is. When you see the real treasures, the still unexplained lines of Nasca, the ancient Egyptian funerary stone with an unknown language... you are compelled to be aware of how little we understand about our history and existence. Perhaps it will open your mind to learn more!

Real Mysteries

The Nazis were real treasure hunters! Adolf Hitler was obsessed with the occult and is believed to have had a secretive faction of the government developing a time-travel spaceship. There is also spectulation that a Mandrake Root, given to him by an astrologer, assisted his rise to power.
Hitler and the Occult, NationalGeographic 

Crystal Skulls, also legit. The authentic ones cannot be carbon-dated, so who knows how old they are. Because quartz crystal can be used to store information, many people are coming to understand these skulls can be communication tools and one private owner claims to speak to her Crystal Skull! 
Joanne Parks talks to her Crystal Skull Max, Huffington Post

Arc of the Covenant, found? Believed to be located in a small church of Ethiopia, the arc is guarded by one person who takes a vow to protect it till death, which oddly enough happens within a year or two from strange, radiation-like symptoms. Could the arc really melt our faces off? Perhaps! 

Atacama Humanoid. Have you heard about this tiny discovery? After six months of research by leading scientists at Stanford University, the 6-inch skeleton has proven to be genetically human and... something else. This should be headline news, so why haven't you heard of it? Learn more about it here.

Many of us are removed from the authentic magic this world holds for us. I think we all need to take a page from Indy's book and seek out the real mysteries of our origins and our ancestral past. Real life is closer to Spielberg that we could ever hope for and our history is more fascinating than we could ever imagine.

Suggested Reading

If you're a real rebel, than I suggest checking out these following leaders on the topic of ancient mysteries. There are many more, but this is an excellent place to start. Happy Hunting!

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