November 4, 2014

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I really like the juxtaposition of the post's title and this photo.

Hey everyone! I want you to meet Kendyl Lauzon. She is a local artist - strike that - she is the most amazing animator I have ever met and I want to own/wear/display everything that she creates. EVERYTHING. I met her through the #screamqueenhalloween Instagram challenge (find her @BreakfastJones) and I was totally taken by her unique style and boundless creativity.

And now it's really awkward, because I adore her and I also want her to move far, far away. See Kendyl has a dream to work with Disney, which would frankly be an honour for them. You may have seen her recently on CTV Edmonton talking about her next steps and how we can all help her. If not, click below:

Let's Help Kendyl!

Animation is one of the most difficult art forms, because it takes so much time, energy and it's expensive! Kendyl needs a new computer and software to help put a proposal package together for Disney and we can help her do that! How incredible, right? We can be the little helper mice on her journey to happily ever after. Share her work, tweet and share the links, spread the word. She's SO CLOSE to her goal - let's help give her that extra little push! GO FUND KENDYL:


In just 24 hours - Kendyl's Go Fund Me goals were reached! Incredible!!! Thanks to everyone who spread the word and helped support this incredible woman. Now let's get her the hell outta here!

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