November 21, 2014

Get Fiercely Focused

“Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.” 
- Winston Churchill

I am feeling INSPIRED. November is definitely the time to tear it up - as in hunker down, get focused and kick the shit out of some creative projects.

I'm about four weeks away from a self-imposed script deadline and rushing my passport renewal because I may be headed to America sooner than I expected! Life feels very chaotic right now, a little "too much at once" and many creative types are feeling the same way. It's the planets man... listen to Brother Kaypacha on YouTube. He knows what's going down. This time can also be a divine opportunity. Chances are, whatever has been kept on the back-burner of your life is probably clamouring for your attention right now. It's time for us all to stop the busyness, sit down and sink our teeth in like a fucking lion. And with that, I give you the inspirational Friday song. Just pay attention to the vibe and the chorus - not the part about cutting yourself or your crotch having fuzzy spots. 

This inspiration kicked off for me after the incredible panel discussions & side conversations with people like Flint Dille and Stephen Long Mitchell at StoryWorld Quest. Any chance you have to go to a conference, workshop or networking session, please take it. It will form you in ways you will only understand after it happens. 

It's also important to have supportive people around you who understand the creative process. When friends & family ask what I'm working on, I can feel this twinge of frustration and embarrassment, like I have to apologize or confess that yes, I'm still working on the same script. But you know what? It takes what it takes and creative people understand that.

But you also need people to hold you accountable (thank you Andrea) who will hold you to your deadlines, because what it takes to complete something is the unglamorous action of ass-in-chair. I struggle with accepting this. I'd rather figure it all out before I start and guess what? It's not working for me!

The quote above fell into my life yesterday. It resonates with me, big time. I'm shifting my fierce self-will into self-discipline. I'm determined to show up, give this my full attention and hopefully something magical will happen. Fingers crossed. If you're struggling creatively too, drop me a line! We can help keep each other on track.

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