January 30, 2015

Friends Without Benefits is Here!

My cheeks hurt from smiling. I mean, is there a nice way to say "You need to stop being so awesome because my face can't handle this much happiness?" Three amazing Edmontonians have unleashed the first episode of their sketch comedy series Friends Without Benefits.

Trent Wilkie is a hilarious improv master and the only married guy I've made out with. He'll make you feel like a complete amateur as an actor, because the strangest things come out of his mouth, like he's tuned into frequencies from outer space. He's one part of Mostly Water Theatre that hosts the Metro Shorts Competition.

I used to be Adam Rozenhart's friendly neighbourhood bartender. He's a total high maintenance customer, completely unreasonable, but as a regular human he's the kind of funny that you need to stay away from, because you'll cry. Rocking Just Adam Minute and The Unknown Studio, he's a Edmonton classic.

And my A-Bomb, Ms Andrea Beca. With a voice like Zooey Deschanel (Check the Ukulele Project), comedic chops like Tina Fey and eight arms like an Octopi, she's often imitated, never duplicated. She's the numero ocho threat ladies and gentlemen, editing, directing, writing, acting, being awesome, and three other things I can't talk about because it's sexist. Or sexy. It's none of your business.

Check out the first episode here and follow them on twitter @frndsWObnfts. Not only will this hurt your face, you'll notice some excellent cameos of people who make Edmonton the best city to live in. Stay tuned!


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