May 25, 2015

My Fave Things: Adult Wednesday Addams

Nothing delights me more than an witty brunette who brings her own blood the bar, so of course I became an instant fan of the viral web-series Adult Wednesday Addams. While in France, I attempted to share one of my favourite things with my new pals, as the series is now my barometer (and a deal-breaker) for friendship, only to discover it's been shut down due to copyright infringement. It's a little bit of le bullshit.

The crowd-sourced episodic was created by
Melissa Hunter (writer, producer, star) who portrayed our favourite fictional character all grown up and navigating through modern life's trails of roomates, office jobs, and Internet dating. As a girl who took pictures of dead animals, was allergic to the sun and never smiled, Wednesday Addams was my hero (and my nickname). Can't even tell you how many times I was her for Halloween. She was a refreshing splotch of black paint across the vaginal pink world we're offered as little girls, and I was always more Lizzie Borden than Lizzie McGuire.

Melissa Hunter offered a nostalgic resurgence of Wednesday Adams relevancy that far surpassed clever fan-girling and parody. It was the feminist breath of fresh air the Internet needed.Whether Wednesday was taking revenge on Axe body spray tag-teamers who said "You'd be a lot prettier if you smiled," or stating to the religious zealot that if Satan is behind her abortion, he's seriously lost his edge, my inner goth girl was beaming and desperate for more.

As a fellow creative, I am so disappointed at how we've allowed entertainment to be intercepted by suits and paper. As a fan, I'm left hanging from the season 2 finale... is her slave lover (played by Hunter Cope) really her past life flame? I only watched that episode three times. I'm filled with such regret.

If you missed the series, I'm truly sorry for you. But this will not be the last of the brilliant Melissa Hunter. Let's hope it's not the last of Adult Wednesday too.

Check out Melissa and Hunter in the newly released short film Dead Puppies. Such a fan.


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