March 5, 2015

GJR Throwback: Making of Video

It all started with a crazy idea, to step forward as a director and producer and gather some killer creative people to make a pitch-trailer for Gillian's Just Right. At that moment, it was just a concept in development.We entered into the pilot launch of the CineCoup Film Accelerator, gathered support from our community and spent a weekend in a solar powered cabin in the woods, an hour outside of Edmonton.
I feel so grateful for the support the project was given at that time, from our crew and actors, supporters who voted us into the Top 15 in Canada and all our fellow CineCoup filmmakers, our brothers from the war!

I am so happy to have this project now selected in the Women in Film & Television's #FromOurDarkSide contest and to be busting out a full feature next winter. But to appreciate how far you've come, you have to be grateful for the process of getting there. Here's the behind-the-scenes video of making our CineCoup trailer.

CineCoup is looking for the next generation of genre filmmakers. If you have a project and an amazing creative team, I suggest you take a leap of faith and see what happens!

Check that out here:


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