March 11, 2015

Who Run The World?

Meet the winners of the From Our Dark Side Contest:
Gloria Kim, Shereen Jerret, Carleen Kyle, Kate Lingley and me.
Photo by Livio Maynard. 
There is no better way to celebrate International Women's Day than receiving an award at Vancouver's International Women in Film Festival! It was a complete honour to be there and to meet the other winners of the From Our Dark Side contest who are selected for this exclusive mentorship with the Women in Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV) and Super Channel.


There's a real movement started here with women developing genre features and let's not forget there were 250 submissions across Canada, so there are A LOT of us out there ready to dominate this country with fresh perspectives and commercially viable products. I just feel so grateful to be included among these women and to be part of this new wave in the film industry! 

It was a whirlwind trip to Vancouver and I must say, sitting down with Producers Sharon McGowan and Karen Lam was one of the most fortifying and exciting experiences of my life. I got to explain my project and the vision I have for moving forward. I'm feeling validated that I have a truly unique project, an important story to tell and an achievable goal in terms of filming this next winter. Over the next few months, these amazing ladies will be helping me connect with industry professionals and advising on how to push the project further into development. 

How many times can you say wow in a week? I'm completely wearing that word out. Stay tuned!

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