April 29, 2015

Hard Core Filmmakers

At 15 years old, I skipped school to meet the director of Hard Core Logo. Bruce McDonald was in town for the Edmonton International Film Festival and I needed to shake the hand of the man who created a rock n'roll masterpiece, the quintessential Canadian road movie. It was the first time I met a Canadian filmmaker in the flesh. 

I ditched class with a good friend, my male counterpart in film and controversy. We lingered downtown, so pumped to close our degrees of separation to Hugh Dillon and Callum Keith Rennie. Nearly ten years later, Bruce McDonald returned to Edmonton to promote his thriller Pontypool. The night of the screening was the also the first anniversary of my friend's death. 

Both of us had the drive and passion. We knew we were going to be famous, making features that contributed to the raw edges and bizarre narratives Canadian filmmakers are known and loved for. As much as he drove me fucking nuts, I always thought he would be here, getting into trouble, challenging my work and hitting on me inappropriately.

So to celebrate National Canadian Film Day, I'm curling up with Hard Core Logo and giving a toast. Long live Bucky Fucking Haight. 

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